New flash short out!

2011-03-14 20:57:59 by MrKidNinja

Go vote it 5!
Anyways i havent posted on here in so long, not like any of you are interested though -.-

I'm really active on DA but i never think that my flashes are up to par to put on newgrounds but heres my first attempt at breaking that barrier so wish me luck :P

Also ill be participating in TOFA this year so to anyone else that is good luck!

Only ninjas can dodge raindrops...

2010-11-16 20:06:41 by MrKidNinja

HOLY SHIT. i know, its been awhile.
But its not like i havent been working on stuff!

Ive been hard at work on animation entrys for the ASDF competition which you can check out here 3-yg


Ive literally just started on my christmas special so you can be expecting it either christmas day or a few days after!

The losers list is finished!

2010-10-06 21:16:51 by MrKidNinja

Its true!
So ive gotten pretty good feedback so far.

So whats coming up next is a halloween special and then the losers list 2.

So until then, Stick around!

The Losers List

2010-08-09 23:08:48 by MrKidNinja

So with Kidninja:school day and Kidninja: Raid time out im going to try something a bit different.
Kidninja:Losers list
or something like that ill come up with a nice title later.
i have the 3 people for it already and the storyboard is pretty much done
About to start recording the voices for it and then ill move onto the animation!
So yeah, be looking out for that.

New things.

2010-06-14 14:29:45 by MrKidNinja

So i finally finished my first animation (finally) after about 4 months of procrastination.
New things are coming now that ive got that out of my way like, Raid time (my next idea for an animation) I also have many ideas floating around my noggin so stick around and you might like what you see!